BB2 World cup rules

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BB2 World cup rules

Message  Obsidian le Mer 6 Jan - 11:39

Qualification Format:
1. New teams only at this stage
2. 4 Divisions of 6 teams assigned to avoid mirroring games as far as possible (Division size or number will be adjusted based on the number of participants).
3. Play a 5 weeks schedule during which you play each opponent once (1 game a week - frtom monday to sunday)
4. Teams will achieve points based on the results of each of their matches using the point scale as follows:
Win = 3 points; Draw = 1 point; Loss = 0 points.
5. Aging is turned off.
6. Stadium upgrades and enhancements are allowed and can be used for the duration of this tournament.

Playoff Format (Single Elimination to get the ticket(s) ):
1. Same teams as in qualification
2. The top 2 teams from each division (for a total of 8 teams) based on total points will qualify (Numbers from each division will be adjusted by participation to reflect a 8 Team playoff).

Tie-Breaker Rules:
1. Head-to-Head winner
2. Number of Wins
3. TD Difference + CAS Difference (in case of 3+ tied teams)
4. Dice Roll using so the roll can be verified through logs.

Post match sequence
Some additional rules are under discussion regarding post match sequence. The aim is to avoid "last minute" modification of team and be as close as possible to the LRB.


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